Cardiff Lounge Photo Shoot

Cardiff Lounge is one of the hottest nightclubs in the Bay Area and located in Campbell, California. They bring in top-notch talent, great staff, cool artwork designed by DJ Halo, and support local DJs, promoters, and dancers. It’s also a regular spot for the Housing Store PopUp! Therefore, it is the natural choice and inspiration for the latest photo shoot for the new Fit Party Pack.

We love featuring real friends and fans in all of our photography. So, we asked another fantastic group to meet us there.

Lillian So of SOfit joined us for the one-day, two location photo shoot for the new Fit Party Pack. Lillian is SOfierce and known for rocking worlds in her series of SOfit class offerings. And, she definitely rocked ours with some fabulous promotional shots.

KJ “Amazing” Johnson. We never want to do a photo shoot without him! He’s the life of the party with the ability to make everyone smile, act natural, and look great. He’s a true House music fan and master of the home workout.

Leah Davis is not only a gorgeous, professional model, but she’s also a successful financial advisor for women-led businesses, including the CEO and Founder of House Club Fitness.

We discovered the super-hot Everett Frampton bartending at Cardiff Lounge. He’s a financial planner by day and mixologist by night. And now, we think he may have a new career in modeling.

And, we finally got CEO and Founder of House Club Fitness, Melissa Hunsbedt, in front of the camera and on the Housing Store.

Shanna Doherty captured all the models at their best and is becoming a staple of the House Club Fitness creative team.

Thank you to everyone for taking part of a really fun day! Special thanks to Sam Ramirez and the team at Cardiff Lounge for hosting us and for being the next great House club to be featured on the Housing Store.

Disco Tone by Halo


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