16th Avenue Tiled Steps Photo Shoot

San Francisco is known for beautiful art that seamlessly becomes part of the landscape. And, we always love featuring our super fit friends in all of our photography. So, we asked another fantastic group to meet Fit Mix® Melissa on the 16th Avenue "Sea to Stars" Tiled Steps for the latest photo shoot for the Housing Store.

Jessi “Fit Pilates” Albin sets the bar high as a Fitness and Pilates Expert and spreads love and joy through sharing her knowledge with others. Learn more and download her free eBook now. » Path to Success: 15 Ways to Start Getting Healthier.

J Baca is an expert Personal Trainer and Physical Therapist. He is the life of any party with the amazing ability to help others achieve their goals of health, wellness, and human movement – including Fit Mix® Melissa. Learn more about him and the Balanced Health Team on Facebook.

Saki Vintage Kimono is a talented SF-based designer, artist, and transplant from Japan. She uses vintage kimono fabrics that she has loved since childhood to create beautiful scarfs, hats, and art. Follow her on Instagram.

We always appreciate when movers + shakers take time out of their busy life to help us make our visions become a reality. Thank you to Jessi, J, and Saki for spending the afternoon with us!

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