meet mover + shaker: Andy Kershaw

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mover + shaker  |  Andy Kershaw
issue 001  |  September 7, 2017

first name:
also known as:  Andy Kershaw + Andy K + ndk + Andy Kaotik
affiliations:  Cosmic Disco + As You Like It + Slinky
hometown:  Holliston, Massachusetts
currently living in:  San Francisco, California
astrological sign:  Virgo
mover or shaker?  both
favorite sounds include:  Disco, Techno, + House
fine since ’79 + on the scene for 20 years
favorite move:  the hat pop
my (out)fit:  Housing family tee
track that gets me going:  Robots (Weiss Mix) by Green Velvet + Riva Starr
find me most weekends:  "at a gig or out and about"
beverage of choice:  dry cider
what brings you joy?  "any opportunity I am blessed to close a party! I love talking and connecting with everyone after the music ends."
anything else people should know?  “Manners matter.”

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photo  |  Nick Minieri 

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Kris said on September 07, 2017:

I’ve had his WERD mix and SLINKY mix on heavy rotation for months!

Tori said on September 07, 2017:


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