meet mover + shaker: Timoteo Aviance

Learn more about the artists and dancers that make our House community great in our lifestyle series. Melissa (our founder) interviews influencers and gets us the 411. Check back for new faces and make new friends. 

love + Housing.

mover + shaker  |  Timoteo Aviance
issue 003

first name:  Tim 
also known as:  Timoteo Aviance
hometown:  Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
currently living in:  the Bay Area
astrological sign:  Cancer
mover or shaker:  shaker
favorite sounds include:  Garage from New York + New Jersey, Jungle/DnB, House + Techno from Detroit 
dancing on the scene for 27 years! 
favorite move:  “other than voguing, my moves don’t really have names - but, I sure do enjoy a good electric slide session.”
my (out)fit:  “oversized hoodie with camouflage shorts” 
track that gets you going:  Radical Noise by DJ Tonka
find me most weekends:  “cooking or dancing and sometimes both”
beverage of choice:  “Yerba Mate”
anything else people should know?  “I can beatbox to almost any kind of music”

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track id | nada mas by Jean Philippe Aviance 🔊
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mover + shaker  |  DJ Miss Dakota
issue 002

first name:  Dakota
also known as:  Miss Dakota
hometown:  The Bronx, New York
currently living in:  Los Angeles, California
astrological sign:  Aquarius
mover or shaker?  both
favorite sounds include:  Deep, Soulful, Afro-House, Tech House, Nu-Disco, Classic House, Salsa, + Live Jazz
Professional Dancer for 25 years, actively DJing for 5 years with a 12 year gap
favorite move:  "Mixing ballet and technical dance with street, this happens when I’m in the zone. Or, you’ll just find me bopping around like James Brown - eeeooowww I feel Good!"
my (out)fit:  "leggings, kicks, bodysuit - like a daily uniform"
tracks that get me going:  "Hot tracks on replay now: Deep In the Bottom (of Africa) by Monique Bingham, The Cure & The Cause by Fish Go Deep, and Cola by CamelPhat & Elderbrook"
find me most weekends:  "performing or DJing around LA, Wednesday through Saturday"
beverage of choice:  "red wine or Don Julio tequila on the rocks with a shit ton of limes"
anything else people should know?  “Don’t judge a book by its cover, read some pages...or the whole book and enjoy the experience.”

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#MissDakota #DJMissDakota #spreadlove #MissDakotaEntertainment
photo  |  Melissa

mover + shaker  |  Andy Kershaw
issue 001 

first name:
also known as:  Andy Kershaw + Andy K + ndk + Andy Kaotik
affiliations:  Cosmic Disco + As You Like It + Slinky
hometown:  Holliston, Massachusetts
currently living in:  San Francisco, California
astrological sign:  Virgo
mover or shaker?  both
favorite sounds include:  Disco, Techno, + House
fine since ’79 + on the scene for 20 years
favorite move:  the hat pop
my (out)fit:  Housing family tee
track that gets me going:  Robots (Weiss Mix) by Green Velvet + Riva Starr
find me most weekends:  "at a gig or out and about"
beverage of choice:  dry cider
what brings you joy?  "any opportunity I am blessed to close a party! I love talking and connecting with everyone after the music ends."
anything else people should know?  “Manners matter.”

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photo  |  Nick Minieri

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Vince said on October 21, 2018:

Andy Kershaw; [noun] – Dj that spins the sickest sounds to have ever blessed your ears.

Kris said on September 07, 2017:

I’ve had his WERD mix and SLINKY mix on heavy rotation for months!

Tori said on September 07, 2017:


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