Made in California. Sweatshop free. By Fit Mix Melissa.

When we say our products are made in California and sweatshop free, we really mean it!

The new Fit Party Pack, Fit Strap Set, Fit Strap, and Fit Pack are designed by Melissa Hunsbedt, CEO and Founder of House Club Fitness, Founder of Fit Mix music, and designer of the Housing line. The new Fit accessories are inspired by the desire to achieve upper body toning and sculpting while Housing without losing your stuff. Melissa took to her sewing machine and the new accessories were born. She currently manufactures the entire line in her home studio.

Melissa also cuts and sews our super-sexy bamboo Housing shrugs and designs all the Housing tees featured on the store. She graffiti paints, cuts, and sews our Fit Mix Trucker Hats too.

Melissa is proud of her rich Norwegian and English heritage and that she is a first-born Californian. She learned how to sew by watching her Mom design her costumes as a kid. She launched the Fit Mix and Housing apparel lines and the Housing Store in November 2012 when her love and passion for House music, dancing, fashion, and fitness began to collide. And, you can find her and the Housing PopUp Store most weekends at a club near you supporting the Fit Mix artists, Housing, and selling gear.

House Club Fitness is proud to partner with California vendors that share similar manufacturing philosophies. We have established relationships with local print and embroidery vendors to add final touches to all of our products. Plus, we only use American Apparel® tees and hoodies in our apparel lines.

So, the next time you place an order on the Housing Store, you will know you are also getting a little of Melissa’s positive energy, passion, and part of the California dream.

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