Fit Strap


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Stash cash, cards, and a key inside the hidden zippered pocket of this stylish strap-on wallet. Made for fit party people.

Fit Strap by House Club Fitness is perfect for your next run, trip for coffee, or big night out Housing. Keep your stuff secure inside the hidden interior zippered pocket of Fit Strap. And, never lose your things again while making big moves.

Secure Fit Strap by slipping your hand through the loop of an elastic and Velcro wrist support. Wrap the length of the Fit Strap around the wrist and secure in place with Velcro. Undo the Velcro and Fit Strap to discover the hidden interior zippered pocket made of durable vinyl. Zippered pocket is attached to a high-quality stretch fabric in black and features the embroidered FIT logo that glows in the dark.

Fit Strap is sold separately for both the left and right wrists. For comfort and ease in use, we recommend left-handed customers purchase the Right Fit Strap and right-handed customers purchase the Left Fit Strap.

Patent Pending. Made in California. Sweatshop free. B#fitmixmelissa. Learn more >