Fit Pack: Customs


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A custom Fit Pack as original as you. One-of-a-kind designs made by Fit Mix® Melissa. Inspired by club culture and PLUR.


008: party animal
exterior | faux leopard fur
interior | metallic purple
zipper | black + silver metal

010: PLUR baby

exterior | white fur
interior | metallic purple
zipper | black 

Features include:

  • Divided pocket made for phone or music players loaded with Fit Mix® music
  • Stainless steel clasp for keys
  • Adjustable strap (up to 40 inches)
  • Embroidered glow-in-the-dark FIT logo

Three ways to wear it: as a traditional fanny pack, compact messenger bag, or shoulder bag.

Check back regularly for new Fit Pack: Customs.

Made in California. Sweatshop-free. BFit Mix® Melissa.