Housing HeadPeace + LightStack Set


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Introducing the new Housing HeadPeace + LightStack Set

Each one-of-a-kind set includes:
- (1) one floral Housing HeadPeace
- (1) one 5 ft. Housing LightStack
- (5) five pieces of flare: (4) four floral accents + (1) one ribbon tassel

The new Housing HeadPeace features high-quality, realistic-looking flowers that are perfect for an all-day to night festival or special event. Flowers are on a 4-inch clear, curved hair comb that secures easily to any hairstyle. Each headpiece has a customized Housing ribbon tassel and crystal charm on a split-ring with lobster claw clasp. Additional charms may be added as desired.

Each set also includes the new Housing LightStack. It is a flexible LED light tube that stacks on top of the Housing HeadPeace, existing headpieces, or enhances an outfit. It is 5-foot long with a Housing tag and crystal charm that coordinates with the selected set. A pocket on a 2.5-inch clear hair comb houses a slim battery pack that powers the super-bright LED light tube. Two 3V batteries included.

Four flower hair clips add extra flare to the look.

001: Pink Orchid
LightStack  |  iridescent white tube + metallic pink LED cover
color palette |  bright pink + iridescent white sparkles + turquoise

track id | don't turn it off by 40 thieves featuring qzen

002 : Purple Larkspur
LightStack  |  metallic purple tube + purple Kimono silk floral LED cover
color palette  |  all shades of purple + white

track id | hideaway by kiesza

003 : Lilac Thistle
LightStack  |  metallic silver tube + metallic silver LED cover
color palette |  turquoise + deep purple + silver + white

track id | tone d by joshua iz

Check back regularly for new Housing HeadPeace + LightStack Sets.
Made in California. Sweatshop-free. BFit Mix® Melissa.