Housing LightStack


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Introducing the new Housing LightStack

It is a flexible LED light tube that stacks on top of a Housing HeadPeace, existing headpiece, or enhances an outfit. It is over 6-feet long with a coordinating Housing tag and crystal charm. A pocket on a 2.5-inch clear hair comb houses a slim battery pack that powers an LED light tube. Two 3V batteries included.

This item is delicate.

001: silver

LightStack | metallic silver tube + gunmetal LED cover
accents | iridescent white + black


track id | the heat by david penn

002: purple 
LightStack | metallic purple + purple Kimono silk floral LED cover
accent colors | iridescent white + purple

003: teal

LightStack | metallic teal + silver LED cover
accent colors | white + turquoise

Check back regularly for new Housing LightStack options.

Made in California. Sweatshop-free. By Fit Mix® Melissa.