Get your Fit Straps on.

Play Strength on any Fit Mix® album, and get ready to sculpt, tone, and target every muscle in the body using a set of Fit Straps and up to a pound of soft weight in each pocket. Then, relax and unwind by playing Reflect and doing Fit Strap static stretches that feel so good to your mind, body, and soul.

Fit Straps:

  • promote increased range of motion for long and lean muscles
  • add intensity to any activity or movement while toning
  • keep hands free for mobility and balance
  • eliminate strain on shoulders, wrists, and hands caused by clenching too tightly to hand weights

Preview our favorite sculpting moves using Fit Straps in our new Fit Videos.

Fit Strap Squat & Raise

Fit Strap Chop

Introducing the new Fit Kit
Get the complete Fit Strap Sculpt + Stretch Program as part of Fit Kit. Receive a set of Fit Straps and soft weights in the mail plus weekly downloads of Fit Mix® music, Fit Videos, and digital Fit Cards that break down every Fit Strap move. Everything you need to get fit at home and on-the-go.

4-week or 8-week Fit Kit available. Get yours now. »

Meet Lisa

The new Fit Strap Sculpt + Stretch Program features our newest brand ambassador, Lisa. We followed her deep into the Santa Cruz Mountains in California to capture her in action using Fit Straps. Lisa loves being outdoors and works as a personal trainer and healthy lifestyle coach in Sunnyvale, California. She’s been dancing for over twenty years and enjoys running, hiking, yoga, hula hooping, and belly dance. We met Lisa Housing at an underground in San Francisco, and we knew she would be a perfect representative for the Fit Mix® brand.

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